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Melange Prime Properties - Is one of the fastest growing construction companies in Bangalore shaping some of the most successful homes in and around the city. We have been specialized in the strategic planning, property development and construction of individual properties of style and distinction. Being based in the fastest growing city — Bangalore, in the heart of a designated area outstanding in natural beauty, has been a great inspiration to our company.

We believe providing our clients with exceptionally high standards of construction, design, craftsmanship and environmental care, creating period homes of the future that are a pleasure to live in and a delight to the eye. The company remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times, in all its products and services. Our strong business fundamentals ensure its steady & sustainable growth. "We are not just builders but visionaries of tomorrow."

Vision - With larger expansion in mind and a dedication to achieving excellence taken to heart, we are working to make Melange Prime properties a recognized company as the authority in creating living communities and transforming ordinary settings into exquisite destinations. Together, we are committed to create a new concept for living, to building perpetual trust with our clients and to giving people the essence of what they need: a personalized ideal lifestyle. "Our vision is to glorify your dreams into reality lifestyle".

Mission - We are specialized town builders. Prime locations are spotted and long-term commitments are developed. Our aims are unconventional and our undertakings are creatively inspired. We work to provide the best value with a guaranteed mark of quality. "We are not simply developers, we are community creators for better tomorrow".

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